passport photos in York

Passport Photos in York

VIPS will take and print passport and visa photos for adults children or your new baby while you wait.
Your biometric standard passport photos are taken in our studio and printed out to the right standards to pass inspection at the passport office.
We do blue badge photos and driving licence photos too.

With all the changes to regulations and different sizes and shapes the standard passport booth shots are becoming harder to get accepted. Sometimes the background colour needs changing sometimes you are not the right size in the photo and they don’t meet the biometric rules, or its just simply the wrong shape or size. We have never had a passport photograph rejected.

Our system allows us to have everything done in a couple of minutes, to the latest regulations and specification, with our guarantee too.

Non UK passport and visa photos are also catered for.

We’ll have your passport, ID or visa photos ready in an instant for you.

UK only £10 – and all others £15 for 6 correctly sized, formatted and printed photos while you wait.

We have appointments available most days. Please call, email or TEXT: PASSPORT, your preferred DAY, TIME and your NAME to 07711356624 and we’ll do our best to be available for you.

p.s. – Don’t forget to let us know which country they’re for so we meet the correct standards.